AMS presents the only telescopic shaft with self-cleaning system

AMS, a leading Italian company in the field of kinematics and tailor-made carbon products, has designed and manufactured a telescopic mast with a water spray cleaning mechanism that is operated during opening and closing.

 The patent-pending system ensures effective automatic cleaning of the mast’s outer surface, eliminating the potential risk of scratches from any debris or foreign objects.

 The AMS telescopic mast is therefore a perfectly integrable solution on all yachts over 50m in length to meet the COLREG regulation. It is composed of three carbon fibre extensions and can be fully retracted within its watertight housing, thus ensuring, in stowed configuration, a perfect flush integration on the deck.

 Conceived and designed to be installed on board very easily and quickly, even as a retrofit, the AMS telescopic mast boasts three other patents that make it an innovative and reliable product.

The first concerns the total absence of an external cable reel as the electrical cable is completely hidden, contained within the mast and connected with a watertight cable gland. The second concerns the lack of stays since a spring system stiffens the mast once fully open, making them unnecessary. The third for the system that defines the closing sequence of the extensions, from the largest to the smallest.

 AMS, thanks to its team of professionals, is able to design each telescopic mast according to the size of the yacht, her characteristics and needs, respecting her aesthetics and delivering a turnkey product, ready to be installed on board.

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