An extraordinary start of the season for Overmarine Group

Viareggio, 20th December 2019

Overmarine Group, owned by the Balducci family, has been operating in the yachting industry since the 1950s, producing over 300 yachts, more than 100 of which exceed 30 meters in length. Mangusta is an internationally recognized and widely appreciated brand that keeps evolving in style and technological solutions.

The Group has opened the 2019/2020 nautical year with the sale of 5 ships. An extraordinary start which involves all current Mangusta product range.

Indeed, sales have been growing among models belonging to the three current lines: the Mangusta GranSport fast displacement line, a series of stylish yachts combining high speed performances, long range, and comfort, the Mangusta Oceano line of long-range displacement vessels and the traditional line of fast and sporty Mangusta Maxi Open yachts.

In details, the following ships have been sold: a 45-metre and a 54-metre yacht in the Mangusta GranSport series, a 43-metre and a 50-metre model in the Mangusta Oceano series, and a Mangusta 110 of the Maxi Open series.

Such a string of successes reflects the high credibility the brand has gained over the years and the soundness and reliability of its products, but also stems from the effective teamwork of a cohesive group of professionals capable of shaping Owners’ desires.

Customers stepping into the Mangusta world undoubtedly appreciate these ships for their beauty, quality and reliability, but, in addition to that, they also feel that they are members of a family that listens to them, involves them in all steps as their dream is being turned into a magnificent yacht, and where they can find everything they wish for. A family they belong with. An unmatched experience. 

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