Baglietto: the new video of the innovative Observation Yacht X0

Real journeys are the ones made by sea, on vessels, not by train. The horizon should be empty and separate the sky from the water. All around, only nothingness, weighed down by immensity. Only then is it a journey. (Erri De Luca)

Immensity as the only limit: this could be the tagline of the brand-new 50 m yacht concept illustrated by Baglietto during the press conference held in Milan today. XO – this is the name the boat builder has chosen for the new line – is not, or not only, an Explorer in the strict sense of the word. Rather, and above all, it is a new way of Experiencing, Observing, perceiving the horizon, which – to paraphrase writer Erri de Luca – is the only measure by which a journey can be defined. Explore, Experience, Observe – hence the name of the line, XO. Because on these yachts, the ability to make long-range crossings goes hand in hand with the opportunity to grasp their very essence thanks to an extraordinary panoramic point. A distinguishing feature of the project is indeed the observation point located above the wheelhouse, a unique and exclusive space offering an all-encompassing view of the surrounding landscape. Conceived for long-range cruising, the observatory becomes an entertainment area that breaks the monotony of ocean crossings. Unlike traditional explorers, in fact, the X50 allows you to follow navigation in the round. Large flush-fitting windows offer a 360° view, while the central skylight lets in fragments of sky and, with it, the enchantment of starry nights. Inside is a ‘visual room’, a protected, cocooning space furnished with comfortable cushions and sofas where to retreat even on the coldest days without ever losing the magic of the journey. Opposite the lounge area, 6 large independent monitors have been installed, which can also be used separately. Each screen can indeed be used to watch something different, together or independently, using headsets: just like on a plane, guests will thus be able to watch a movie or listen to the music, discover the chosen itinerary on the digital charts, and even experience navigation first-hand thanks to the bird’s eye view of a drone, free of any obstacles or barriers.

Creativity is often spurred by observing other realms: XO found its inspiration in the railway sector, more specifically in the famous ETR 300 ‘Settebello’, which back in the 1950s revolutionised the very concept of train. The XO line takes the innovative design solutions of this historic train – the characteristic driving station located above the passenger area and a first class panoramic lounge below it – and completely overturns them, keeping the pilot bridge on the upper deck and reserving the exclusive area above it for guests.

Though apparently in contrast with the sober, free-flowing lines of all Baglietto yachts designed by Paszkowski Design, these vessels preserve in fact many of the brand’s traditional stylistic features, maintaining the ‘work boat-look’ typical of an Explorer without the slightest detriment to their elegant style and beauty. The fly bridge, minimal and with flush-fitted glazed surfaces offering a breathtaking 360° view, while the upper deck models after the successful concept of a veranda opening on three sides of the T52, which has also served as an inspiration for the main deck.

Also drawing on the experience of the T52, the hull has been designed to undertake transoceanic crossings: the bow, in particular, is sturdier and sharper to ensure an easier management of ropes and faster crew manoeuvres even in extreme weather conditions. Safety remains a guiding principle also in the choice of generous areas for the storage of large tenders fit for cruising in very choppy, challenging seas.

Worth mentioning is also the aft area, to which access is gained via a large transformer. A central glazed hatch opens onto a multipurpose space, comprising a gym that can also be used while cruising and a spacious storage room where to keep outdoor furniture when the tenders are on board and store other items, like bikes, when the tenders are in the water.

The use of more environmentally friendly ceramic materials, the solar panels on the roof of the fly bridge (which can be used to recharge the numerous on-board water toys), and the choice of special paints are all solutions reflecting the shipyard’s strong focus on environmental protection.

This new line comes in a wide range of possible configurations – particularly as regards the aft area, which can comfortably host up two large tenders (up to 10 metres in length) – and in a rich palette allowing for unmatched colour customisation.

X50 will mount two CAT C32 engines delivering a maximum speed of 16 knots. 

“Once again, we wanted to propose something new and technologically-advanced – comments Baglietto’s CCO Fabio Ermetto – A yacht that is not conceived as an Explorer proper: the X50 mainly embodies an experience, that of a journey to be enjoyed to the fullest. The observatory offers a unique, privileged observation point, a 360° visual room that has no competitors on the market. The X50 is a yacht with a strong, distinctive personality, targeted at a client who essentially loves cruising in the broadest sense of the word and to experience the intimate and emotional discovery of every journey first-hand”

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