BoniniModels is reading to launch on market RAFT QBOAT

Working on contents before even on design, we found different practical solutions useful for the project.

The lower structural part consists of an approved road trolley equipped in such a way as to accommodate a floating “module” consisting of polyethylene cubes that allow functionality and unsinkability.

Navigation and permanence at sea are assisted by two or four mobile and independent stabilizers, placed under the structure of the raft, which, in an open, horizontal position, contribute to the stability and buoyancy of the whole. In the closed, vertical position, the plastic elements of the stabilizers take on the functions of fenders and seats.

Propulsion, through outboard engine, is electric in full respect of nature and the marine environment.

The layout can include different configurations: all customizable on customer request

Standard version
Technical and Construction Features
Year of launch         2020
Lenght            3.5mt 
Beam            1.8mt
Engine                       Electric 3cv, built-in battery, 1000w, 3kn, 6h autonomy (medium)
Trailer            Trailer marked CE
Floating         Floating Cube  marked CE
Person on board     2/4
Idea-Builder        Stefano Germena
Project             Pietro Cartella

He was born and lives in Turin where he studied at the University of Economics and Commerce and where he started BoniniModels, a company that operates in the rapid prototyping sector with particular reference to the nautical sector. Different experiences of concepts and models that lead him to work with important automotive, design and nautical companies.


Born in Gussago (BS) and lives in Turin. Always a designer in the automotive sector, he boasts many  collaborations with the most important companies in the sector. It develops interesting collaborations in  the nautical sector bringing solutions and intelligence into the production processes. Creator of  numerous international patents.

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