C-Catamarans at the Cannes YF and at Genoa Boat Show with C-Cat 48

Brilliant in navigation, this new catamaran by C-Catamarans also respects the philosophy of the Rome shipyard – transmitted to multihulls – to research for fast boats, that are also large and comfortable, safe for every sea condition and easy to sail both in cruise and regattas. All that was distinctly appreciated in the entire Comet fleet.

The C-Catamarans line includes six models between 37 and 62 feet, sailing and motor, and already has much larger models in the drawer. The C-Cat 48 is the third model that takes the sea, after the entry level C- Cat 37 and the C- Cat 40 Power Fish dedicated to those who pursue the exciting passion of fishing.

This first C-Cat 48 is particularly pleasant in the interiors, with a large saloon that opens to the cockpit on one side – with no interruption in the floor – becoming a single large open-air environment, which can be completely closed in case of need. The three cabins – one owner and two guests – are spacious and both equipped with more than comfortable bathrooms. The number one of this line is also furnished in a contemporary classic style, light and complete with all the supports to live well at sea. A second command post in the saloon guarantees navigation in complete tranquility even in the event of particularly rough sea or bad weather. The C-Cat 48 has already sailed and completed tests in all meteorological conditions.

CCAT 48_navigazione laterale sx _HD_ ccat@a.falcon

During a transfer test from Fiumicino to La Grande Motte, the C-Cat 48 sailed in strong wind conditions and motorized in the absence of air, registering a travel average of 9.5 knots with peaks of 14. The C – Cat 48 did not stop even in a storm where a conservative but fast pace (12/14 knots) was maintained with only the Yankee sail. The multihull has proven to glide well on the water giving a sense of comfort and tranquility.

Even at high speeds, there is the same perception of comfort as sailing at 7/8 knots: the bottles do not slip off the table, the coffee machine does not move from the kitchen top. The same perception remained in navigation with 40 knots of crosswind and with formed waves. Even in situations of sudden changes in wind, the boat could hold a lot of sail and the presence of all the lines in the cockpit allows you to reduce the sails without getting wet or exposed to the elements and therefore always remain inmaximum safety. The rudder is very responsive, and the boat is always maneuverable, even in very extremeconditions. With little wind the boat is surprisingly fast and at some paces it manages to exceed the realwind speeds.

C- Catamarans is also exhibiting the now tested C- Cat 37, which has been so successful in Italy and abroad,but in a version that we could define as “beach” how close it can get to land: with the two tilting fins thatdisappear into the hulls leaving only 15 cm of space under the hulls and two 40 HP Yamaha Fb engines. Adetail to note is that the fins, once closed, remain under the floor, not significantly affecting the interiorspaces.

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