Cantiere delle Marche launches The first Flexplorer

The wait is finally over, on Thursday 3 September M/Y Aurelia has finally touched the water for the first time. This yacht is the first example of the new Cantiere delle Marche line, the Flexplorer Series.

This new explorer concept is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary and innovative among those launched and built in recent years, a forerunner of a new series that will for sure be a point of reference for this type of yacht in the coming years.

The initial concept, the exterior design, the naval architecture and engineering beares Hydro Tec’s signature which has collaborated, since its foundation, with the Shipyard and Flexplorer represents the fruit of the continuous teamwork that has characterized the last 10 years.

This 39.4 m yacht, in its proportions, is inspired by the Supply Vessels that operate in support of oil installations, and represents an extraordinary concentration of technology which, however, boasts an elegant and, at the same time, modern and balanced design.
The proportionate superstructures, the almost vertical bow, the huge cockpit of the main deck are not mere aesthetic choices but, while conferring a strong stylistic value, have been designed to provide the yacht with all the features that make it perfect for long ocean crossings and safe and comfortable even in the most extreme weather conditions.

The first order of superstructures, on the bridge deck, is asymmetrical in order to optimise the spaces whose perspective is reversed by rotating the layout of the living and dining areas by ninety degrees, all benefiting from single panel windows over three and a half metres wide.

Among the prominent elements of the Flexplorer there are also the long portions of folding bulwark that expand the cockpit surface and the A-frame crane, of naval origin, perfectly inserted in the cockpit floor.

The crane is a clear example of the careful study of all the on-board engineering solutions specially developed by Cantiere delle Marche for Flexplorer. In this case, the crane was designed to move an 8.5 m tender and then disappear without its structure/presence hindering the use and style of the large aft surface which is used as a huge relaxation area.

Due to its shape and structure, the crane guarantees maximum safety in launching and hauling the tender and, having the central suspension point, avoids any inclination of the yacht’s hull during the handling of the tender. The latter is also lowered and lifted aft of the yacht, in a part of the sea protected by the volume of the yacht itself.

Great attention has been paid to the spaces for the storage of water toys, various materials and supplies in order to allow long voyages without intermediate stops.

Among them: a container compartment with a rack for the boards is equipped with a stainless-steel drainage grid that comes up hydraulically, there are several fixing points for a 500 kg carbon davit and a large lazarette for spare parts, equipment etc.

The Flexplorer is the right yacht for those who want to keep fit during a cruise. The first vessel will also have a beautiful, very bright gym thanks to skylights inserted in the upper deck floor.

The flexibility of this EXPLORER is particularly evident when the tender is lowered into the sea, the crane placed in its retractable housing on the bridge and the 115 m2 of the cockpit become an ‘infinity deck’ thanks to the folding balconies.

Most likely it is the largest beach club ever built on a yacht of this size.

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