CMArchitect: a new concept of a 40m aluminum catamaran

The CMArchitect yacht design studio proposes a new concept of a 40-meter aluminum catamaran with the characteristics of an explorer.

Cristiano Mariani strongly believes in the Explorer solution linked to the yacht market because it allows for great ease of use combined with solid construction schemes. These settings enhance the aspects linked to functional design choices, the use of the right materials and refined taste in the development of details.

The rationalization of the design also directs the project towards more eco-sustainable solutions, starting from the possibility of adopting customizable hybrid engines with various levels of implementation, up to the right architectural-structural choice of volumes and surfaces, thus guaranteeing optimization engineering and offering high quality technical solutions.

Given this, the customer has a wide range of options for setting up the boat according to his needs, thanks also to the excellent flexibility of the possible layouts.

To launch the project on the market, CMA proposes this version with the stern area left at the complete disposal of the Owner and his guests, with platforms and hatches which fold down bringing life on board into direct contact with the water, thus placing the catamaran in perfect symbiosis with the element that hosts it. In the open position, the two storage rooms that store small water and land toys and diving equipment are conveniently connected to the platforms, ensuring excellent ease of use. Finally, a garage created from the central tunnel allows you to stow other water toys and a 4-metre service tender. At anchor, the entire perimeter of the rear area, in an open position, also becomes a comfortable mooring for jet skis and various service boats, as well as a real beach complete with the possibility of protected waters, ideal for families with children.

When you have to travel for transfers, even in less calm sea conditions, the central platform and the side doors in the closed position protect the main deck and allow safe navigation in line with the standards of an explorer.
The double volume bow is equally safe during navigation, being further away from the waterline than traditional standards. The bow area can accommodate an 8.00 meter tender and two jet skis, moved by two symmetrical cranes.
The external areas completely dedicated to the hotel develop in the rear part of the main and upper deck and culminate in the sun deck complete with every comfort and protected by a large roll-bar with large screenable glass surfaces. The upper deck also houses a similarly glazed Jacuzzi measuring 3.8 x 2.5 meters from where you can enjoy the view in complete relaxation. The total of external areas dedicated exclusively to guests is over 300 square meters.
For the interiors, only the general plans were deliberately developed without addressing stylistic solutions, with the desire to leave carte blanche to the customer through a wide range of available furnishing solutions.

The initial layout proposes the lower deck distributed over the two hulls with two guest cabins of 30 square meters and a VIP cabin of 55 square meters, in addition to the area dedicated to the crew with service areas and three cabins capable of hosting up to 6 sailors. The main deck has a 90 m2 lounge, a 20 m2 galley, a 45 m2 VIP cabin and a 60 m2 Owner’s cabin. Alternatively, you can have a single Owner’s family area of over 100 m2 or three VIP cabins of 35 m2 each in case of a setup particularly suitable for charter. If desired, it is also possible to opt for a SPA combined with an owner’s cabin or two VIP cabins.

At the bow, with direct entrance from the deck, independent from the rest of the interiors, there are two more sailor cabins for an additional four crew members.
The upper deck has a 60 m2 lounge, a pantry, the captain’s cabin and a large wheelhouse.

The main numbers:
LOA 41.47 m
LWL 38.96 m
Beam 13.29 m
Gross tonnage estimated 420 GT
Semi-displacement hull
Total interior areas 685 m2
Total exterior areas 600 m2
Guest 14/16
Crew 7/8

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