Floating Life with CNN for the building of Dream 42

The build of DREAM 42, designed by Floating Life founder Andrea Pezzini, has been awarded to CNN, a Baglietto Group brand. The 42m displacement yacht’s innovative features will make her perfect for sharing between seven different owners as part of a fractional agreement

Floating Life, the boutique company founded by Andrea Pezzini and Barbara Tambani  to provide a range of 360-degree services to the yachting world, has announced the signing of an agreement with CNN for the building of DREAM 42.  The announcement came during a piano concerto evening in the atmospheric surroundings of a marble quarry in Carrara to celebrate Floating Life’s 20th anniversary.

“Floating Life is extremely proud to announce this synergy during an extremely positive time for our company that coincides with the celebrations for its 20th year in the yachting business,” commented Floating Life CCO Filippo Rossi. “Floating Life and CCN (a Baglietto Group division) are two companies of excellence in the sector and being able to offer our clients this yard’s quality construction is not only a source of great pride to us but also underscores once again our focus on offering our owners products and services of a consistently high standard”.

“We are delighted to have been given this opportunity,” declared Baglietto CCO Fabio Ermetto. “It is allowing us to re-evaluate the CNN brand, which is an integral part of the Baglietto Group, and devote it to hugely significant special and unique projects such as this one for Floating Life”

“We are extremely satisfied to be celebrating 20 years in business with this new collaboration which reflects very well on us and also provides still further confirmation of our presence on the market,” Floating Life CEO Andrea Pezzini continued. “It is something of a finish line for us because it is the result of previous very fruitful collaborations. At the same time, however, it is also a starting point because it means we share the same vision of the future”. 

Like the FL38, FL 42 and FL47 from the fully-customisable FL Anniversary Series presented at the last Monaco Yacht Show, DREAM 42 features the technical platform designed by Andrea Pezzini in collaboration with the Satura Studio, and also ZeroTredici for the hulls. DREAM 42  is a 42m displacement yacht with an ocean-going range. She has all the right characteristics to become the first yacht in the new Fractional Ownership or Time Sharing programme in which Floating Life already developed in-depth knowledge, thanks to 16 years of managing the Ocean yachts. 

Like the FL Anniversary Series craft, DREAM 42 boasts an innovative under lower deck where the engine room is located,  freeing up space in the guest quarters on the lower deck and creating a corridor that directly connects that part of the yacht with the beach area. Connecting the two areas also makes it easier for the crew to provide a flawless service. Moving the location of the engine room has shifted all the weight to a lower level in the hull which improves stability. It has also allowed the addition of an adjacent technical space which can be kitted out as, for example, a laundry or storage room.  Lastly, as is the case with all of the models in the FL series, DREAM 42 is designed to deliver a 5,000 nm range, which means she will effortlessly cruise across the Atlantic.

“We called this yacht Dream because we believe it every owner’s dream come true,” added Andrea Pezzini. “If you compare Dream to Pearl and Emerald from the Ocean series (launched in 2010 and designed by  Lord Norman Foster), you will see a whole slew of improvements to the way the liveable space is used and how privacy is guaranteed. This is because Dream 42 is the fruit of a constant focus on onboard life, the requirements and all the details that make up what  owners want”. 

Currently, three owners have signed up for the Fractional Ownership programme offered aboard DREAM 42 but contracts are under negotiation also with further clients.   

Another unusual feature of DREAM 42 is that she has no less than six separate exterior areas, both forward and aft, on different decks. This means that even with all 12 guests aboard, six couples would each, for instance, have their own completely private space entirely to themselves. The layout spans seven cabins, designed to offer  versatile spaces and optimum flexibility in terms of layout: a real advantage for the charter market, also. 

Work is scheduled to start on DREAM 42 in December 2022. 

Quotations for the builds of three further boats in the FL Anniversary series were also included in the agreements.  

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