Icon Yachts launches 68mt conversion project Ragnar

An exciting day at ICON YACHTS as the shipyard launched their latest conversion explorer super yacht the 68 meter Project Ragnar.  The 2,450 GT ICE-breaker explorer superyacht emerged from her covered dry dock off her intimidating exterior style designed by RWD yacht design this morning. 

The original vessel, ‘Sanaborg,’ was initially built as an ice-breaking multi-purpose support supply vessel in Holland in 2012. Ragnar has been transformed into a stunning and unique Arctic explorer superyacht.

Designed by RWD in the UK, her unique style draws on a fusion of inspirations including medieval war craftsmanship with sleep likes of contemporary design and British heritage. Ragnar combines the capabilities of a serious, ice-breaking  Arctic explorer, with the comfort and luxury of a world-class superyacht.

She will be a very rare example of a genuine explorer luxury superyacht with a certified ICE Class A1 super hull. An LY3-classed vessel with Arctic explorer capabilities, Project RAGNAR owes her ice-breaking capability to unique ICE class PC5-rated electric-driven ice pods. She offers an incredible range of 6,000 nautical miles, enabling her owners and guests to explore the most remote areas of the planet.

The 2-year conversion includes an increase of luxury accommodation areas, a functional designated deck for toys, and a fully-certified helicopter landing pad amongst others.

Ragnar will be available for charter via Burgess yachts.

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