Lynx Yachts YXT 24 Evolution, the next generation explorer

The Next Adventure For The Next Generation

The world around us continually changes and adapts to the challenges it faces. There are many things we can learn from observing nature and the way it adapts to meets new demands. In a similar way, LYNX YACHTS has taken the concept of a support vessel and evolved it into a better, more adaptable yacht for the next generation of explorers and called it the LYNX YXT series — a ‘yacht extender’ solution.

A Series Evolution

Working in collaboration with some of the best minds in the industry, LYNX YACHTS has created a new 27-metre model for this range of yachts called the YXT 24 Evolution.

Built in the Netherlands by a team of craftsmen who have honed their skills and are masters of their trade, this latest addition is the ideal platform to extend an owner’s ocean-based real-estate without having to modify or replace their existing superyacht.

She joins a growing fleet of adaptable and fully customisable yachts in the range that include the YXT 20, YXT 32, YXT 36 and YXT 40. These are all true Yacht Extenders that meet the demands and requirements of their owners.  


The YXT 24 Evolution is a shallow draught, robust and sturdy platform designed to go anywhere  and maximise the customisation opportunities for an owner, allowing them to create their ideal version of the 27-metre for their needs. Anything is possible, thanks to the solid engineering and naval architecture package that underpins the operation and aesthetics of the yacht.

24-Square-Metre Beach Club

A spacious beach club is one of the most popular areas on board a yacht, and the YXT 24 Evolution has one of the best for its size. It becomes an extension of the enormous main deck and extends into the ocean with the inclusion of an Opacmare transformer platform.

75-Square-Metre Main Deck

A few steps away from the relaxed beach club and one of the key features of the yacht is revealed, the main deck. Fully engineered to carry the sportiest of toys, from Jetskis and tenders to submarines and helicopters – even SUVs. The versatility of this yacht makes it easy to stow whatever an owner wants. It is the ideal support vessel, offering the perfect blend of utility, seaworthiness and style.  

Time To Play

When all the toys on board have been launched, the main deck is transformed into a large open space. The possibilities for this 75-square-metre area are endless and can be used for games, parties or simply to enjoy time with family and friends on sofas and loungers.

Staying Ahead

In keeping with the practicalities found towards the aft of the YXT 24 Evolution, the bridge has a clear and unobstructed view for optimal navigation — a clear example of LYNX YACHTS understanding of seamanship. With a top speed of 13 knots and a range of 1,400 nautical miles at the slightly slower pace of 10 knots, a small crew can arrive ahead of the mothership to the chosen destination to set up. 

Small But Mighty

A key tool on board is the crane, which is mounted to port on the main deck. This mighty lifting arm can move a maximum of 3.6 tons up to six metres, making the relocation of tenders, toys and cargo an easy process. The crane compacts into a small unit when not in use.

Surrounded By Adventure

Offering 360-degree views out to sea and a generous seating area behind the helm, the bridge is a peaceful command centre. Enjoy your favourite movie or review the day’s events in complete comfort while keeping an eye on your surrounds or the direction of your voyage. Should you desire a different layout, LYNX YACHTS is more than happy to realise your wishes.

A Healthy Start

LYNX YACHTS takes pride in the level of customisation it offers. And similar to the main deck and bridge, the lower deck is an area that has been developed to serve an owner’s every want and need. In the example presented, a well-considered galley with access to a generous storage area has been created.


The configuration of this YXT 24 Evolution includes a welcoming guest suite with all the luxuries you would expect, with a bright and spacious steam room and shower opposite. However, should an owner wish to have more accommodation or perhaps more storage, it is easy to reconfigure the layout to meet their needs and make the most of the 7-metre beam.


Towards the bow are the crew quarters, which include four berths across two twin en suites. The materials used here are the same as that across the yacht but alternative finishes between spaces can be applied as directed by the owner.

28-Square-Metre Gym

Enjoy the cool breeze as you work up a sweat in the spacious gym aft of the yacht, thanks to the stern facing hatch that reveals the horizon. Equipped with all the machines needed to keep your body and mind in top form, the space also includes an ironing station and additional storage. This space can be used in many different ways.


When you’ve finished your work out, why not walk out onto your private beach club and take a dip in the sea to cool off, and then relax on a lounger with a refreshing drink. This area is perfect for getting closer to the ocean and to take a moment for yourself.

The Engine Room

At the heart of any vessel is the engine room. Usually, the smaller the vessel, the smaller the engine room but LYNX YACHTS is all about achieving practical luxury. Whether this technical space captures your attention or not, it provides all the tools and space an engineer would require to keep your YXT 24 Evolution moving, such as a fully loaded work bench.

Extending The Possibilities

The YXT 24 Evolution joins a growing fleet of adaptable and fully customisable yachts in the range that include the YXT 20, YXT 32 and YXT 36. These are all true Yacht Extenders that meet the demands and requirements of their owners.  

“I think this version of the YXT has been developed to its fullest potential. This type of programme is definitely oriented towards the new generation of very active owners which are increasingly joining the market. From an operational point of view, it is also a big improvement for the crew. Having a dual yacht operation brings additional comfort, versatility, redundancy, time efficiency and much more.”

Vincent Grandmaison, Captain and owner’s representative for the first YXT 24 Evolution delivered in 2019.


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