Oceanco: dive into the world of jaw-dropping superyacht swimming pools

Dive into a world of amenities by exploring the possibilities of superyacht swimming pools with superyacht builder Oceanco.

Oceanco is revered for its one-of-a-kind, iconic superyachts and one of the places that it has really made waves over the years is through the evolution of its jaw-dropping swimming pools. Working with the world’s leading yacht designers for visionary owners has resulted in some masterpieces that have initiated trends. Think aquariums teeming with colorful fish, hydraulically-lifting helipads and dramatically cascading waterfalls. When it comes to ultra-cool swimming pools on superyachts, there is no ambition too bold and no challenge too tough for Oceanco.

Alfa Nero
82m (269ft) / 2007
The trailblazer
The aft deck infinity pool on Alfa Nero is iconic, having been the first yacht to pioneer this new type of ‘statement’ feature on a yacht. Previously swimming pools were usually located on the top decks of yachts, but this novel concept from Oceanco designed by Nuvolari Lenard allowed Alfa Nero’s owners and their guests to reignite their feeling of proximity to the water, even though they were on a very large motor yacht. While infinity pools have since become much more prolific as stylish, desirable features on aft decks, but Alfa Nero was a true trailblazer of this trend.  

The uncluttered deck and open sides accentuate the feeling of space for those enjoying the pool and nearby lounging area. Sweeping staircases lead down to a vast tiered swim platform at the stern, while a convenient bar provides continuous service to the pool from the crew. The floor of the swimming pool can be hydraulically raised at the push of a button, allowing the expansive aft deck to become a touch-and-go helipad or a perfect place for large social gatherings. 

85.5m (281ft) / 2010
The life of the party
Sunrays is the ultimate yacht for those who love fun and water in equal measure. There are four bathing options onboard, including three jacuzzis on the upper decks and a large swimming pool/jacuzzi on the main deck aft. Alluringly positioned near to the swim platform as well as the main deck’s outdoor lounging space, this pool is always a hive of activity for guests both day and night. It has a deeper part for full submersion as well as a semicircular seating area that is a perfect spot from which to sip a cocktail and take in the surroundings. Alternatively, soak up the scenery from the bridge deck aft’s jacuzzi, retreat to the owner’s deck forward jacuzzi for a little privacy, or grab some friends and head up to the sun deck, where the glass-bottomed jacuzzi presides over the elevator beneath.

88.5m (290ft) / 2012
The Swiss Army knife of pools
If you demand a swimming pool that does more than just cool you off on a hot afternoon, then the multitalented version onboard Nirvana could be just the ticket. Measuring an impressive 7.5m long, it will help you brush up on your front crawl when you activate the powerful counter-flow system. And when the sun has set and you are ready for some entertainment, the height-adjustable floor of the pool lifts up to become a dancefloor or stage for performers. It also does a great job providing a refreshing dip on a warm summer’s day when you fancy a break from soaking up the sunshine. Offering something for every occasion, what’s not to love? 

91.5m (300ft) / 2014
The one to help you unwind
The cobalt blue swimming pool on Tranquility is a haven of relaxation and peace. Complementing the yacht’s impressive wellness area – which features a sauna, hammam, experiential shower, plunge pool, beauty salon and fully equipped gym – this 20sqm swimming pool with jets is centrally positioned on the upper deck aft to afford privacy from sea level as well as commanding views of the surroundings. With a nearby bar offering a steady supply of refreshments and a selection of sun pads and sofas on which to lounge, the swimming pool area is a haven of calm and relaxation that lives up to the yacht’s name. 

85m (279ft) / 2016
The serene sailing spa
Sailing yachts and swimming pools aren’t often seen together, but Aquijo is by no means a regular yacht. The world’s largest high-performance ketch marries state of the art technology and design with an outstanding wellness center, located in her extraordinary beach club. Guests can work out on the gym equipment or relax in the steam room, sauna and lounge before enjoying a long, leisurely soak in Aquijo’s stunning ocean-view jacuzzi. The beach club is illuminated by a large skylight concealed in the main deck aft above, and opens out directly onto the swim platform at the stern. The décor by Dölker+Voges Design evokes a contemporary beachside spa, with warm wooden paneling and plush while leather sofas. To enjoy an alfresco ambiance while taking a dip, guests can head up to the sun deck’s jacuzzi, which provides stunning 360-degree views from its elevated position. With its own sit-up bar and surrounding sun pads, the jacuzzi is a popular spot for convivial fun. 

88.5m (290ft) / 2017
The one for working out hard then playing hard
Barbara’s sun deck is dedicated to wellness and revival, with a fully equipped gym that is primed to provide a rigorous workout before you indulge in some well-earned relaxation outside. The 10-person hot tub located front and center of the top deck, complemented by an inviting bank of sun pads, is the perfect sanctuary to soak up the sunshine while taking in the scenery from your lookout.

110m (361ft) / 2017
The one for design aficionados
The sleek and chic swimming pool onboard Kaos matches the style credentials of her Lobanov Design exterior and Sorgiovanni Designs interior. The gargantuan pool is so large you would be forgiven for thinking you had been transported to a rooftop pool on land. Presiding over the lion’s share of the main deck aft, it is flanked by sumptuous sofas and features a built-in aquarium for an added element of cool. Kaos was the largest superyacht to be built in The Netherlands at the time of her delivery (when she was named Jubilee), and with such a fabulous, colossal swimming pool, she is proof that bigger does indeed mean better. 

90m (295ft) / 2018
The mesmerizing focal point
Waterfalls are increasingly appearing on superyachts as an eye-catching way to visually link two decks while simultaneously reflecting the aquatic surroundings onboard. The entrancing waterfall on DAR cascades from the bridge deck down to the upper deck’s swimming pool, which is raised to provide an added element of safety for younger children onboard. The space is highly convivial, offering a wide selection of sofas and sun loungers from which to take in the seascape after you have cooled off in the pool. For a little more privacy, make your way up to the sun deck where a jacuzzi takes pride of place looking out over the forepeak. 

90m (295ft) / 2019
The one with room for everyone
If you are a social creature who likes your gatherings on the grander side then DreAMBoat’s main deck aft is heaven on water. Taking center stage in the elegant, capacious spot is the 6m x 3m swimming pool that would surely have space for all 23 of the yacht’s guests at once. The yacht is the result of a first-time collaboration between revered yacht designers Espen Øino and Terence Disdale, and her understated, sophisticated design extends to the large lounging area and adjacent swimming pool. The pool and surrounding sun pads are raised above the rest of the main deck aft to afford superb oceanic views on three sides. To add some variety to your aquatic enjoyment onboard, there is a second jacuzzi on the owner’s deck above for more privacy as well as a sun deck jacuzzi that is perhaps the biggest in her class. 

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