Stabia Main Port: landing for megayachts in Castellammare di Stabia

Stabia Main Port, the tourist dock in the heart of Castellammare di Stabia has created new synergies and tourist itineraries for its post-pandemic comeback. 

The mega-yacht mooring, which gained so much popularity as to establish itself as a reference point in the international yachting industry, has inaugurated the 2020 tourist season with a fruitful partnership with Luise Group. 

 The launch of new tourist routes – aimed to promote and rediscover the hidden treasures of territory – begins with Castellammare, a place in the middle of the Mediterranean with a unique geographic location between two Gulfs: Naples and Salerno. 

As Stabia Main Port’s President Giuseppe di Salvo asserts: “our purpose is the creation of steady synergies with local authorities and entrepreneurs in order to encourage luxury tourism in Stabia and the neighbouring municipalities”.  

Additionally, Castellammare is the entrance point to one of the major tourist travel destinations in Europe as it is located only a few kilometres away from Pompeii, Vesuvius, Sorrento, and a few nautical miles from Capri. 

Not only its unique location but also to the services provided made Stabia Main Port an exclusive Marina resort: guaranteed technical support for the superyacht berthing in the port, electricity, internet connection, and tourist support are only a few of the services available. 

Other services allowing the hosts to fully experience the beauties of the coast are: tennis court, mountain hikes, visits to marine protected areas and exclusive archaeological sites such as the Stabiae ancient Villas. 

As the manager of Luise Group, Francesco Luise states: “A journey among nature and wellness, gastronomic delights and typical local excellences, ancient charming and inspiring places to provide a deeper insight into our territory, which has a lot to offer: here’s its chance to do it”.  

Guided tours include: private visits to Castellammare’s Castle for hosts and crew, Bourbon Reggia of Quisisana, Punta Campanella Protected Marine Area, Amalfi Coast’s lemon tour, Mount Faito hikes by cable car (which is located at a short distance from Stabia Main Port), and boat itineraries sponsored by Capri Yacht Services. As the manager of Stabia Main Port, Luisa del Sorbo explains: “Thanks to the collaboration with renowned Stabiae historians such as Angelo Acampora, and highly experienced guides, during the past year we have successfully provided exclusive guided tours to the 28 Stabiae springs, Ancient Thermal Baths, and Stabiae Villas, which date back to the eruption of 79 AD that destroyed Pompeii. 

In 2020 we paired the offer with a enogastronomical itinerary in Vesuvius’ wineries and Michelin-starred restaurants such as Piazzetta Milù in Castellammare and José Restaurant in Torre del Greco. We also made available a simpler and more informal tasting tour of typical products in Stabiae’s fishing village (Borgo Marinaro) where the public wells of Stabiae springs and the chalet, characteristic restaurants are located” The itineraries are endorsed by Fiavet, the Italian Federation of Travel and Tourism Business Associations, which is tightly collaborating with Stabia Main Port to devise a broader international promotion plan for Castellammare di Stabia brand to be exported at the international luxury tourism fairs. 

As Fiavet incoming manager, Ettore Cucari says: “This collaboration will most certainly stimulate and bring together constructive and positive ideas for Campania’s coastal area”.  

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