Structured Luff, the new technology for the headsails by Doyle

32 meters in length and 140 square meters of surface: these are the measures of the Structured Luff staysail that is springing up on the parquet of the Italian headquarter of Doyle Sails Italia.

The sail, intended to ‘dress’ a Custom RP-Nauta 100, right now under construction at the Southern Wind Shipyard, takes advantage of the technology that Doyle owns. Actually, thanks to Structured Luff it is possible to create profiles for the strong wind without a cable inside the luff, since the cable itself is laminated directly on the sail. This ensures lower weights, ease of use, easy handling and lower loads on the rig.

After the revolutionary Doyle Code Cableless, considered as a must-have for all modern yachts, the Doyle therefore takes a further step forward, confirming itself as one of the most technologically advanced sailmakers company.


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