The book celebrating Hydro Tec's 25th anniversary has been published

Our 25th anniversary ends with the publication of “Heading for the Future”, a volume that narrates, through the pen of its founder, the origins, birth and evolution of Hydro Tec, with a well-balanced look at the future.

“The road that I have travelled together with Hydro Tec in these twenty-five years has been long and full of encounters.”

Sergio Cutolo says

“My initial idea was to focus Hydro Tec’s proposal on aspects related to naval architecture to capitalise on the experience accumulated in the sector of fast pleasure yachts or boats intended for passenger transport.

The encounters, I said, and the experiences of these twenty-five years have unexpectedly expanded the area of ​​expertise of Hydro Tec, making it one of the most complete and well-established design studios in the world.”

Founded as an engineering company, Hydro Tec boasts more than 150 yachts in service, and today is one of the few companies able to offer a holistic approach, including all the technical and stylistic aspects related to the design of a yacht.

A unique and innovative approach of its kind put to good use by its founder, Sergio Cutolo, who project after project has come to characterise his studio, his creative company in a holistic vision of the project that knows how to provide the client with a result that includes all the aspects.

“Hydro Tec is the result of the different experiences that the people who work in it have had: engineers, architects and designers make the studio a place where naval architecture and design make our work virtuous and creative.”

Sergio Cutolo says that he likes to compare Hydro Tec to a Renaissance workshop, where engineering and architecture return to be a single discipline, where the idea is transformed into action and art and science converge in a single discipline.

“Necessary features that allow us to adapt to the needs expressed by the client, making the best choices in terms of materials, construction techniques and style, leaving the interior designer as wide a space to manoeuvre as possible.
In our work, the desire to create, passion and experience count, yachting is still a small world in which the desire to create and passion are the engines of the profession.”

The release of the book coincides with a further series of Hydro Tec successes, the victory obtained at the World Superyacht Awards by Aurelia, the first example of Flexplorer built by Cantiere delle Marche, which was crowned yacht of the year in its category, and on the occasion of the World Yachts Trophies, on the side lines of the Cannes Boat Show, the Aurelia itself achieved further success in its category while the RSY 38 EXP “Emocean”, the first yacht built by the Cantieri Rosetti Superyachts division, obtained in turn, the recognition of “Revelation of the Year”.

For both yachts Hydro Tec designed both the external line and the architecture and naval engineering, confirming itself once again as a company able to embrace all the phases of a project, a characteristic that places it among the best design studios, both in the field of engineering and design.

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