The Enata Group unveils sleek foiling yacht Vatoz

The Enata Group, the international manufacturing group headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, is unveiling the Vatoz, a dynamic new 10-metre foiling yacht based on Enata’s original chassis. It is the result of a visionary collaboration with the award-winning and world-renowned yacht designer, Timur Bozca.

“The beautiful new design is based on Enata’s current 10-metre Foiler sharing all of its advantages and technology,” said Alois Vieujot, Director of Enata. “This is the perfect example of the kind of collaborations we make on our proven foiling platform, granting new players access to all our technology.”

Vatoz’s sleek design blends function and form in a style befitting the new generation of yachts. The organic and muscular exterior has been designed to emphasise its epic presence while expertly manipulating the airflow around the cabin.

“Every design feature of the project serves a purpose,” said designer Timur Bozca. “The main idea behind the Vatoz is to maximise dynamics inspired by the stingray. Beneath the clean surfaces and curved lines lies an aerodynamic masterpiece. Distinctive lines draw your eye across the front and out to the prominent wings.”

The side wings are designed to provide easy access to the front area while also preventing the waves from reaching the cabin and offering storage space for sea toys. Tinted windows transform the yacht into a pure sculptural masterpiece. Vatoz pushes the boundaries of technology and design with its carbon fibre hull, striking from every angle.

The vessel will use Enata’s efficient Foiler technology that enables the boat to fly 1.5 metres above the water, along with the proprietary, sophisticated Wingman management system. The yacht is expected to achieve a maximum speed of 40 knots in foiling mode.

“The Foiler has a minimal impact on the environment in terms of fuel consumption, wake, and noise,” added Vieujot. “Vatoz means Stingray, which was the inspiration behind this beautiful design and a tribute to the endangered marine life we need to protect.”

The interior of Vatoz continues the design theme from the exterior. A stylish cabin provides the best owner experience possible and is filled with natural light. Elegant windows and a skylight further amplify the sense of spaciousness. The interior combines stylish sportiness with modern luxury.

Constructed with the utmost precision from lightweight carbon fibre, it embodies the forefront of sustainable yachting practices. What sets the Vatoz apart are the dynamic wing-like structures on both sides, ingeniously designed to facilitate easier access to the bow and create additional storage space.

These wings not only enhance the vessel’s agility but also provide ample room for storing essentials such as surfboards, reaffirming its forward-thinking approach to the future of yachting.

The interior of the Vatoz seamlessly extends the design principles of its striking exterior, creating a harmonious and captivating space for its passengers. Within the stylish cabin, every detail has been meticulously crafted to offer the utmost in owner experience, making it a haven of luxury and sophistication.

“We are in talks with several companies, vessels, designers, and yacht manufacturers aiming to capitalise on Enata’s industry-leading expertise in the foiling sector,” said Alois Vieujot. “Working with Timur Bozca is a pleasure and the outcome speaks for itself. This collaboration has opened Enata’s doors to the world for future collaborations.”

“Foiling brings another dimension to the yachting experience,” said Timur Bozca. “The Foiler’s experience and comfort is the dream the yacht industry is trying to achieve. It is the perfect extension of elegance, tranquillity, and a vision of the future, which is represented in our designs.”

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