The innovative mooring system Seadamp Plus in the future of Wider catamarans

Italian nautical craftsmanship isn’t just about style and exclusivity; it also represents technological innovation and eco-consciousness.

These have always been the hallmarks of both Wider, the pioneering Italian shipyard known for its Serial Hybrid Propulsion System, and Seares, a company founded in 2018 and a leader in the production of next-generation mooring systems that harness energy generated by ocean waves.

The synergy between these two companies has led to a collaboration that reaffirms Wider’s commitment to providing exclusive and cutting-edge technological services to catamaran owners, ensuring total safety and comfort on board.

The integrated Seadamp PLUS system, in addition to offering great stability and quietness, also recovers the energy dissipated during mooring and anchoring, converting it into electrical current that helps recharge the onboard batteries. This is a one-of-a-kind solution in the world, for which Seares holds the international patent.

Seadamp PLUS will be installed as standard on the bow and stern mooring islands of upcoming Wider catamarans. Unlike previous systems, Seadamp constantly monitors the tension on the mooring lines and autonomously adjusts to improve stability and safety on board. Wider and Seares engineers have worked on a perfect structural integration inside the hulls as well as in the onboard infotainment, allowing boat owners and captains to monitor the mooring tension of the catamaran from the helm and remotely with a simple app.

“The desire to always be at the forefront of technology,” says Marcello Maggi, President of W-Fin Sarl, the holding company that owns 100% of Wider, “is an integral part of our shipyard’s DNA. We are proud of this partnership, which highlights the leading role that Italian nautical companies can successfully occupy.”

“The partnership with Wider allows us to once again revolutionize the world of yacht and superyacht mooring,” says Giorgio Cucè, Seares CEO. “The latest-generation Seares technology, integrated into the vessel’s structure, enhances onboard comfort and provides maximum safety during mooring, adapting to various and different weather and sea conditions.”

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