The next Amer Yacht’s project is a life cycle assessment on a Filava boat

Last year Amer Yachts started their fiberglass reduction journey, introducing at production level the sustainable and recyclable Filava fiber. The dashboard of the new F100 was laminated with Filava and more parts of the new Amer 120 will be designed and engineered with this new sustainable solution. The Amer 120 will be launched in 2021.

The COVID 19 emergency slowed down the fiber certification process, which resumed recently at ENEA in collaboration with RINA in order to introduce Filava in the RINA Rules for certified materials for marine construction. The forced stop did not interrupt the development at Amer Yacht and a section of the tender designed by Massimo Verme is being built by Amer’s traditional lamination partners. The tender will be fully built in Filava reinforced composite and will participate to the Solar and Energy Challenge organised by the Yacht Club di Monaco in 2021.

But innovation won’t stop at boat’s construction material.
Thanks to the collaboration with SEALENCE, this new Amer Yachts proposal will feature the Deepspeed electric Jet engines, showcased for the first time at the Genoa Boatshow in 2019. This highly innovative propulsion system represents the leading edge of technology and take efficiency to a new level that can’t be matched by traditional solutions.
The integration of these two innovative technologies will be a preview of the highly sustainable and environmentally friendly future generation of boats.

The section of the tender will be on display at the 60th Genoa Boat show and will be recycled afterwards in order to demonstrate the full Cradle to Cradle recyclability of Filava fiber, the only fiber that allows full reclaim of raw material without downgrade of mechanical performances. Amer Yachts is working toward a full integration of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) monitoring throughout the complete value chain.

GS4C is actively involved in this project, coordinating the activities with ENEA and RINA, and supporting Amer Yachts on the technical side with the selection of sustainable solutions and technologies. GS4C is exclusive agent for Filava in Europe for the marine industry.

Diab is also involved with the Mockup construction, supporting the process with recyclable material that fits the promises of circularity of this project.

Amer Yachts will be present at the Genoa Boat Show at stand YE30

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