World Superyacht Awards 2023: Benetti’s Unknown triumphs in Istanbul

The 18th BOAT International World Superyacht Awards held in Istanbul on May 20th were a triumph for Benetti Oasis 34M “UNKNOWN”, which won best motor yacht in the category “Displacement motor yachts 499gt and below, 30m to 39.99m” for being a “was a well-built, ground-breaking yacht that fits extraordinary features into its compact size”. The judges admired the open beach sensation created in the aft deck, feeling that no other yacht could match this highly desirable deck. Unknown is, in the judges’ opinion, a yacht that makes an excellent connection with the ocean and the open air.

The keys to the success of this 34-metre yacht are the style, elegant lines and innovative solutions that architecture firms RWD, one of the most highly reputed international yacht designers, and New York based Bonetti & Kozerski have created to convey a sense of freedom and conviviality and to define a lifestyle. The star of this innovative revolution is without doubt the Oasis Deck, an extraordinary beach area that redefines the human relationship with the sea and nature thanks to the special configuration that turns it into an open terrace on the water’s edge. The available deck space close to the water but safe from the waves is extended by opening the wings or swing-down bulwarks. The infinity pool is a must, of course, adding an exclusive and glamorous touch to this incredibly liveable platform.

Connection and dialogue are no longer only project leitmotivs, but the main goal of a revolutionary new approach to the surrounding environment, navigation, and the style and mood of days spent on board. The connection with the sea and nature that animates the design is then emphasised on every deck and in every setting to encourage sociability and panoramic vistas. The layout is open and flowing, with an elegant but understated signature style. This fluidity and dialogue also make their presence felt in the arrangement of the spaces, where the exteriors gradually merge into the interiors without any architectural barriers, while extensive glazed surfaces contribute to the feeling of connection and are instrumental in the breathtaking views.

Benetti’s UNKOWN is another confirmation of the company’s international leadership and testifies to the resources invested in technology and innovation. A highly innovative concept that with the Oasis Deck fully meets the needs of owners looking for a more intimate relationship with the sea and was the driving force behind the Oasis 34M’s triumph in this category at the BOAT International World Superyacht Awards 2023.

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